The almond cake is a protein- and oil-rich by-product of the mechanical expression of almond oil that has the potential to be used as a source of valuable proteins and lipids for food applications The objectives of this study were to evaluate the individual and combined effects of solids-to-liquid ratio (SLR) reaction time and enzyme use on oil and protein extraction yields from almond cake Extraction of Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Lube Oil Using Different Co-Solvent 80 IJCPE Vol 16 No 1 (March 2015) -Available online at: The most important properties of lubricating oil which solvent extraction is meant to improve are viscosity–

A comparative study: the impact of different lipid

RESEARCH Open Access A comparative study: the impact of different lipid extraction methods on current microalgal lipid research Yan Li1 2* Forough Ghasemi Naghdi1 Sourabh Garg1 Tania Catalina Adarme-Vega1 Kristofer J Thurecht3 Wael Abdul Ghafor3 Simon Tannock1 and

Engine oils are made from crude oil and its derivatives by mixing of certain other chemicals (additives) for improving their certain properties Lubricating oil is used to lubricate moving parts of engine reducing friction protecting against wear removing contaminants from the engine act as a cleaning agent and act as an anti corrosion and cooling agent Accordingly this research effort

Fish oil extraction Several studies have been developed around the extraction and quality analysis of oil obtained from different fish species as well as by-products of their processing in which different techniques are used such as supercritical fluids wet pressing extraction using solvents and fish silage employing enzymes present in fish or from other sources (Adeoti Hawboldt 2014) A

Fig 1 Effect of various solvents on oil recovery Table I howss the various degrading agents investigated in this study Fig 2 shows the influence of various degrading agents on oil recovery Reference [13] reported that addition of a base promotes a fast flocculation of the impurities which are segregated from the base oil by the solvent The

Investigation on the extraction yield quality and thermal properties of hempseed oil during ultrasound‐assisted extraction: A comparative study Amir Rezvankhah Transfer Phenomena Laboratory (TPL) Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology Department of Food Science Technology and Engineering College of Agriculture and Natural

A comparative study of cinnamomum cassia (CINNAMON) bark

On the other hand the extraction parameters for HD are 150 min extraction time 8:1 of water to raw material ratio and a constant operating power of 350 W The maximum yield obtained for HD is 2 02 % The essential oil obtained at the optimum operating conditions for both methods was subjected to further qualitative analysis

Background and Objective: Steam distillation and soxhlet extraction are among the most commonly used methods in the laboratory for the extraction of biological compounds This study was aimed at comparing the chemical composition of insecticidal oils extracted via these two methods Materials and Methods: Oils were extracted from both plants via steam distillation and soxhlet extraction methods

Extraction of oil from castor seeds was carried out by Soxhlet apparatus using hexane at 1:3 1:6 1:9 solid to solvent ratios and different extraction time periods of 8 10 12 and 14h The highest oil yields of 43 9 42 8 and 45 8% were obtained at 1:3 (14h) 1:6 (14h) and 1:9 (12h) respectively The optimum condition for the extraction using hexane as solvent was found to be solid to

A Comparative Study of Feature Extraction Methods in Images Classification Seyyid Ahmed Medjahed University of Sciences and Technology Mohamed Boudiaf USTO- Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science Oran 31000 Algeria Email: sa medjahedgmail Abstract—Feature extraction is an important step in image classification

Jan 01 2007Comparative study of different extraction techniques for the analysis of olive oil aroma For SDE extraction 38 920 g of oil and 450 ml of bidistilled water were placed in the flask of a Likens–Nickerson apparatus A second flask with a 5 ml mixture of pentane and dichloromethane (2:1) (SDS Peypin France) was used as the organic

A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON EXTRACTION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF MELON (Cucumis melo) SEED OIL AND ITS APPLICATION IN BAKING Z Ahmad1 M Rafay2 M R Shaheen3 M S Javed4 O M Tarar5 M R Tariq6 and M A Nasir7 1Department of Food Science and Technology University College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences The

Therefore mechanical extraction has emerged as an alternative method In this study the nyamplung oil recovered by mechanical extraction via hydraulic press and chemical extraction utilizing Soxhlet extraction was compared Soxhlet extraction was carried out by using n-hexane as a solvent with a temperature of 70 o C for 5 hours

Dec 01 2014Kothari V Gupta A Naraniwal M Comparative study of various methods for extraction of antioxidant and antibacterial compounds from plant seeds J Nat Remedies 2012 12: 162–173 Google Scholar Kratchanova M Pavlova E Panchev I The effect of microwave heating of fresh orange peels on the fruit tissue and quality of extracted pectin

A Comparative Study of Feature Extraction Methods in

A Comparative Study of Feature Extraction Methods in Images Classification Seyyid Ahmed Medjahed University of Sciences and Technology Mohamed Boudiaf USTO- Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science Oran 31000 Algeria Email: sa medjahedgmail Abstract—Feature extraction is an important step in image classification

used to study the composition of the essential oil at extracted various group of parameter condition to analyze its quality The GC part (6890N Agilent Technologies Palo Alto CA USA) was equipped with an HP-5MS (Agilent BTechnologies) capillary column (30 m long 0 25 mm id and 0 25 lm film thickness) Temperature-programming of

Mar 23 2014The efficiency of different lipid extraction methods is affected by the solvent polarity which extracts different target compounds from lipid matrix Dichloromethane/methanol extraction and Folch extraction produced the largest oil extract yields but extraction with hexane/ethanol resulted in the best ester profile and levels

Full Article Comparative Study of Microcelluloses Isolated From Two Different Biomasses with Commercial Cellulose Wei Tieng Owi a Ong Hui Lin a * Sung Ting Sam b Chin Hua Chia c Sarani Zakaria c Muhammad Safwan Mohaiyiddin a Al Rey Villagracia d Gil Nonato Santos d and Hazizan Md Akil e Microcelluloses (MCs) were chemically isolated from two different biomass sources empty fruit

Comparative study of different extraction processes for hemp (Cannabis sativa) seed oil considering physical chemical and industrial-scale economic aspects Author: Devi Vibha Khanam Shabina Source: Journal of cleaner production 2019 v 207 pp 645-657 ISSN: 0959-6526 Subject:

A Comparative Study of Different Feature Extraction and Classification Methods for Recognition of Handwritten Kannada Characters Mr Y C Kiran Research Scholar Jain University Bangalore India Associate professor Department of ISE Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering Ms Roopa R Tonashyal M Tech Student Department of ISE

May 18 2019In this study the extraction of a saturated fatty acid (SFA) marker and the formation of zinc soaps were monitored to measure the impact of solvent cleaning on tailored bilayer model systems for aged oil paint Three methods of solvent application were compared: cotton swab rigid gel and Evolon tissue (with different solvent loading)