1 If your EC concentration is too high you can negatively stress your crop but if your EC level is too low you won't maximize your potency and your yield Another applicable factor is root pressure which measures how much water gets pulled from the roots up into the plants First make sure you flush your plants Click here to see how to flush for maximum yields and potency Another great method that is often underused by growers today is to stop watering 1–3 days before harvest This is a unique way to stress your plant to get it to become more potent

How and When to Flush your Marijuana plants

When your flushing time begins you should start paying closer attention to your marijuana plants This especially means keeping an eye on their coloring If they start going yellow a little bit that's completely normal for a pre-harvest marijuana plant and you don't have to worry

Give Your Plants More Light – If you're growing indoors then as long as you give your plants more than 14 hours of light each day they'll stay in the vegetative stage But you can actually give them 24 hours of light each day and it's like "forcing" more growth

Aug 12 2019The more trichomes a bud has the more potent the marijuana will be Trichomes are the medicinal crystals of the plant and form as the bud yields into its final stages These crystals peak during the drying and curation process of the plant and the more frosty your nuggets become determines how strong your highs will be

Jan 08 2018For instance a plant which takes 10 weeks to mature under 12 hours of darkness daily takes about 8 weeks if grown under 14 hours of darkness This is a time saving of 20% The downside to this technique is you will reduce your yields by giving your plant fewer hours each day

Breeders can also use these plants and other varieties that naturally produce more THC and/or CBD to create potent hybrids However aside from picking the right genetic profile there are a couple of ways growers can enhance the essential oil production and in turn ramp up the THC and/or CBD production of their cannabis plants

Weed Flushing

Aug 15 2020The idea behind flushing is to let your cannabis plants "use up" any extra nutrients contained in the plant and buds This way there is a much lower level of nutrients left over after harvest and it's those extra nutrients that can change the smell taste or (most often) "smoothness" of your buds in a negative way So in soil or coco coir the grower would give the plant just plain

Dec 18 2019A good growing environment is crucial to the health of your plants as well as your final potency and yields When the temperature (and to a lesser extent the humidity ) is too high or too low for your plants your plants will not grow properly and buds won't fatten up no matter what else you do

Mar 05 2020Your plant's genes are hands-down the most important aspect of cannabis potency when it comes to growing! Your plant genetics set the "upper limit" of how much THC and other cannabinoids your plant will ever be able to produce Although you can use grow methods to maximize the THC within that limit you will never be able to overcome the limits set by your strain and plant

Jul 08 2020Im suggesting no flush you're plants are pale AF as it is and if you continue your plan of flushing For 2 weeks you'll be depriving them of much needed nutrients that's not to say you need to feed at full strength but in my honest opinion you've cut out nitrogen far far far too early hence your yellowing and nutrient deficient leaves

Sep 10 2017So there's a better way to make sure those excess contaminants are drawn out of your plants and do it in a way that doesn't starve your plants in the process How To Flush For Maximum Results Instead of flushing with plain water which starves your plants and reduces floral growth and resin you need Flawless Finish

Whether your garden is big or small outdoors or indoors training your cannabis plants will greatly increase the quality and yield of your grow Techniques are divided into two categories: LST (low stress training) and HST (high stress training) LST does not involve directly damaging your plant while HST involves breaking or removing parts of the plant

Sep 28 2011I Use and Stand by molasses it Boosts my yields with bagseed and my sd organic soil and ferts make the best taste i dont kno about the total darkness but i have heard in many places and even a book or 2 that reducing ur light cycle to around 10/14 does increase plant growth bue to the longer darkness i dont kno about thc production but the yield will go up

Mar 19 2020THC is the plants natural protection from the elements(and predators) so the more intense your lights are the better I prefer LEDs because they're nice and cheap and they dont run very hot Using UV/black lights and dropping temperatures in the last 2 weeks of flower can increase potency by upto 10% while using co2 can increase yields by

Flushing Your Cannabis For Better Buds

Sep 26 2017Flushing your cannabis plants is a straight forward process Untreated tap water is all you need to use for flushing just be sure to make sure the pH is at a safe level for cannabis pH test the water to make sure it is in the optimal range for cannabis plants which is between 6 0 and 6 8 for soil

May 21 2020Flushing periods of 14 10 7 and 0 days were imposed on Cherry Diesel No differences were detected between flush treatments for yield potency or terpenes Analysis of mineral content of leaves indicated small changes in content of iron and zinc Taste test panelists tended to prefer flower flushed for 0 days INTRODUCTION

Feb 25 2019Like the above tip there is hardly any data to undergird this proposition All you will find is forum chatter But most growers tend to argue that watering or flushing your plants with ice water shocks the plant's roots which causes bad stress Nonetheless if you are a believer in this unproven method you could try it and let us know your

Sep 14 2018Flushing is not bull If you don't see better results with flushed plants vs unflushed u ain't flushing right I took unflushed buds from a plant dried and cured then flushed the rest (to under 50ppm run off day 1 of flush) then feed 0ppm water for 1 week(in coco) the flushed buds make a white ash and u can barely feel the smoke on your throat top shelf

Mar 15 2020Essentially topping your plant a few times will result in more buds and a better overall yield Topping also makes sure that your plant does not grow skinny and tall Instead it will make your plant more bushy directly exposing the major portion of your plant